A blanket or a pillow, or maybe a set? A good gift for a baby

When choosing a gift for a child, it is worth betting on practical gifts. Such are primarily accessories for a bed or a pram, e.g. blankets, quilts, pillows, bedding sets. Such accessories will always be useful for parents and never too many of them in a toddler’s wardrobe. However, before choosing a blanket or pillow for a child as a gift, it is worth considering what they should be like in order to be comfortable and safe for the toddler. See if a blanket or a pillow is a better gift for a child, or maybe it’s best to put on a set.

Baby blanket for a gift

A blanket is a basic accessory in a children’s wardrobe. It is needed all year round – day and night. Cautious moms know that one baby blanket is definitely not enough. This makes the blanket a perfect gift idea. In the category of children’s blankets, there are many models that will work well in both the room of an infant and an older child. You can choose between cotton blankets made of soft fleece, muslin, minky cotton. In addition to the material, children’s blankets differ in size, bristle length and design. For the youngest, blankets with a size of 50 × 70 cm or 60 × 70 cm will be a perfect choice. For preschoolers, it is worth choosing larger blankets in the size of 100 × 130 cm.

Baby pillow – is it worth buying as a gift?

The pillow for babies can be used from the first days of life, but according to the indications of paediatricians and physiotherapists, its use in the cots of newborns and infants is not recommended. The pillow can be reached safely if the toddler can change positions freely and easily turns from side to side. A pillow for a child should always be adjusted to the age and needs of the toddler, so that it does not bend the neck unnaturally. The best solution is flat and small baby pillow. If you want to give a pillow for a solo crib, it is best to give it to an older child. As in the case of a blanket, the pillow should also be made of pleasant to the touch and friendly certified material. It is also worth checking the type of filling.

Baby blanket and pillow – when is it worth buying a set? offers not only children’s blankets and solo pillows, but also complete ones. The set includes a blanket with dimensions that match a cot or stroller and a flat pillow for a baby. These sets are available in many interesting and colourful designs. Thanks to this, they will be a good gift for a girl and a boy. If you want to give a pillow with a baby blanket to a future mother who does not yet know the gender of the child, you can choose a set in a universal design with stars or geometric figures. A blanket plus a pillow set can be given not only on the occasion of the baby’s first visit, but also a baby shower. The blanket will be used from the first day of the child’s life, while the pillow can wait for the toddler to grow up.

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