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What present for the future mother?

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There is already a slightly festive atmosphere around. Yes, this is the moment when you can look around for a Christmas present. If the future mother is in our surroundings, it is worth making her functional, as well as soft and beautiful gift. The Milky Way maternity pillow from the Jukki store will be a great choice. The Jukki pillow is multifunctional and will be invaluable support for the future mother. Long winter evenings are conducive to moments of rest and relaxation. This is a good time to talk to loved ones, read a good book or newspaper. A pregnancy pillow will help you find the perfect sitting position. It will relieve the lumbar spine and will be a suitable support for the spine. As you know, comfort, convenience and safety are very important in pregnancy. All this is provided by a properly shaped pregnancy pillow.

Cushion V Jukki … and mother is sleeping

When the expectant mother has a worse mood at night, the Jukki Milky Way pillow will make it easier to go to sleep, protect against an unwanted return to the back. It can be placed both on the front and back of the body. The dimensions of the Jukki pregnancy pillow are approximately 170 cm long, 15 cm wide. The circumference of the pillow is 45 cm, height 15 cm. The whole product is made of 100% cotton. The anti-allergic filling of the V-type pregnancy pillow will ensure the comfort of use, softness and adequate air flow. Filling in the form of silicone down with approval is safe for the future mother and child. The fairytale pattern with blue and gold stars will introduce a touch of holiday atmosphere to any interior. Expectant mother will be able to wait for Christmas and greater comfort, and then the birth of her baby.

Jukki pregnancy pillow not only during pregnancy

When the baby is born, the pregnancy pillow will also be useful for breastfeeding and bottle feeding, thus relieving the hands, neck, shoulders and back. In addition, the pillow can be arranged in the shape of a small nest and put the baby in it. Thanks to the straps, the edges of the pillow hold firmly and ensure the stability of the pillow and the safety of every little toddler. Jukki type V pregnancy pillow will stay with the Young Mother for a long time and make this special time more enjoyable.

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