How to choose a baby sleeping bag?

Sleep for a child is one of the most important things. During it, it develops, grows and gains immunity. The role of parents is to provide the baby with good conditions for healthy sleep. Newly-baked parents, however, often do not know how to prepare a crib and what accessories to equip it with. This is not made easier by the wide offer of stores with goods for children. They offer blankets, quilts and sleeping bags. In order to ensure thermal comfort and sleep comfort, it is worth taking a particular look at the latter solution. Children’s sleeping bags will be perfect both in summer and winter, they will ensure healthy and safe sleep, as well as great comfort for the child and parents. Which baby sleeping bag should you choose?

Baby sleeping bags – the material is important

A sleeping bag is an accessory that comes into direct contact with the baby’s skin. In the first years of life, it is extremely delicate and sensitive, as well as susceptible to allergic reactions. Hence, the material of the children’s sleeping bag is a key issue. Cotton and bamboo sleeping bags are considered the best choice. These two fabrics ensure very good air circulation and prevent the baby from overheating and sweating. In addition, it is worth ensuring that the baby sleeping bag is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Sleeping bags and for children – check the filling

A baby sleeping bag should be adapted to the season and the weather to be used. In children’s goods stores, summer and winter models are available, as well as transitional and all-season models with detachable sleeves. The thickness of the sleeping bag is determined by its filling. Summer sleeping bags for babies are those marked with the symbol 0.5 – 1 TOG, they can be used at temperatures up to 24 degrees Celsius. In winter, you can choose thicker models. The TOG marking is the one that determines the thickness and temperature range at which the sleeping bag can be used.

Children’s sleeping bags – comfortable for a toddler and a parent

For babies who are still using diapers, it’s best to choose a baby sleeping bag that is easy to put on and take off. This makes changing the diaper at night easy and quick. Sleeping bags have several different types of fasteners. The least popular are sleeping bags with strings, which, although aesthetically pleasing, are not very practical. If you want to give young parents a practical gift for a baby shower, it is worth choosing baby sleeping bags with velcro, press studs and a zipper on the side.

Children’s sleeping bags – fitted and safe

A baby sleeping bag should be safe. Safety is influenced, among others, by size. This one must be adjusted to the child’s height. You should not buy sleeping bags that are too big, because the child can easily get tangled up in it and “fall” with his head in it. It is also inadvisable for the toddler to sleep in a sleeping bag that is too small. As a result, the freedom of movement will be significantly limited, and the sleeping bag will hurt the baby. For the youngest children aged 0-6 months, 70 cm sleeping bags will be the best choice, 90 cm sleeping bags in the next age range (6-18 months), and 110 cm sleeping bags for children 18-16 months.

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