Discover the unparalleled comfort of our Baby Cocoon Comfort, providing cozy nests with external dimensions of 100 x 55 cm and a sleeping surface of 30 x 70 cm. Weighing approximately 1.1 kg and featuring a 14 cm edge width, these cocoons are indispensable accessories that you’ll truly appreciate in the initial months of your baby’s life.

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 Baby cushion nest for newborn

Our Baby Cocoon Comfort is a versatile and supportive nest for newborns, offering an optimal blend of warmth and coziness. Invest in this essential cocoon to provide your baby with the comfort and security they crave. 

Why are these cocoons essential? They envelop your infant, creating a confined space that mimics the secure feeling of the womb. The innate need for swaddling and closeness in newborns is immense, making a cocoon a valuable addition to your baby gear. It ensures your little one experiences warmth, comfort, and security, akin to being nestled in the warmth of a mother's womb.