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Gift ideas for Christmas?

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Jukki shop has in its offer various products that have been specially prepared in the same pattern and colour. This solution will certainly make it easier to complete a larger gift for a baby in a situation where several people will want to make a larger Christmas gift.

New – Woven Cotton Blanket

One of our new blankets will be a perfect gift. You can choose from fashionable colours such as bottle green, mustard or dirty pink.

Nest + Butterfly Pillow + Sensory Cube

A very practical and beautiful set will be a selection of baby nest, butterfly pillow and sensory cube in one colour series.

The baby nest will be perfect in the parents’ bed, so that the child does not get lost under the covers. The cot will be ideal protection against wooden rungs. During long winter walks, it will provide your child with an appropriate level of warmth and softness, while protecting them from shocks resulting from uneven terrain. The baby cocoon will also be useful instead of a tight wrapper, thanks to the adjustable strings it will allow you to adapt to the needs of the baby and provide him with unrestricted movements.

The Butterfly pillow will support your child’s head wonderfully, while taking a walk in a stroller or while travelling by car, will reduce shock. Double-sided cushion thanks to the specially profiled form will ensure comfort and blissful sleep for the little one. It will also make every nap more enjoyable at Christmas, when the Toddler can be tired of the excess of various stimuli. As you know, everyone will want to show interest to the youngest member of the family. The Butterfly pad will allow you to mute the baby later.

The sensory cube from the same series of products for children will encourage Baby to play. Many elements will have a positive effect on stimulating the senses and agility of small fingers. The soft, multicoloured Minky plush will encourage the baby to cuddle and touch, and the protruding protrusions will help develop cognitive-motor skills. Colourful ribbons will awaken the imagination. The sensory cube measures 12 x 12 x 12 cm. A foil sewn in inside it rustles during the game and thanks to this arouses the toddler’s interests.

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