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Woven Blanket perfect for Christmas?

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Everyone likes to feel warm in cosy interiors, surrounded by pleasant gadgets. Especially if the feeling of safety and comfort concerns our child, we want to give him the best.

New for a baby – a blanket made of 100% cotton

Out of concern for the softness and comfort of the baby, the Jukki store has prepared a Cotton Woven Blanket. The blanket was made in Poland from 100% soft organic cotton yarn. Its dimensions are 80 x 100 cm. The woven baby blanket is light and delicate for baby skin. Jukki blanket was made with attention to the right weave and every detail to ensure thermal comfort. Thanks to the fact that it regulates the temperature perfectly, it can be used all year round. The yarn from which it was prepared is natural and antiallergic. The blanket’s high elasticity will allow it to adapt to the child’s body.

Pick your favourite colour

Every toddler loves to be hugged and feel the warmth that beats from his loved ones. Buying a blanket and giving it a Christmas present will be a great solution. Cotton Woven Blanket will cover your treasure. In turn, wrapping will have a positive effect on the child’s calming down. It has an effect similar to the time in Mum’s stomach.

Thanks to its flexibility, the blanket stretches enough to allow it to fit the baby’s body and the baby’s freedom of movement. High-quality fabric maintains its unchanged shape and appearance even after many washes. It will be invaluable support also during baby collections due to support of sensory integration at the level of deep feeling.

Cotton blanket in a fashionable colour perfect for a Christmas gift

The blanket will perfectly match the holiday atmosphere. Its fashionable colours will bring to mind a fragrant Christmas tree, red Christmas sweaters and warm socks. A woven blanket will make Baby’s time more pleasant, provide a sense of security and wrap the baby, just like on Mom’s stomach before. How little is needed to make a little Toddler happy?

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