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Baby’s room full of stars

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Regardless of whether the baby was just born and his parents experience the power of sensations and learn a new role, or whether your precious is a little bigger and begins to crawl and explore the world. It is worth introducing a special atmosphere to your home.

A perfect pillow for a gift

One of the first Santa gifts, as well as Christmas gifts for a child can be a star Minky pillow. Its various colours and beautiful pattern will suit any arrangement of a children’s room, and pleasant to touch material with insets will provide pleasant stimuli to the baby. The decorative cushion for a child has dimensions of about 40 x 40 cm. It is light and cute, in a double-sided Minky pattern. It is made 100% by hand, with extreme care and attention to every detail. It is soft, elastic and does not contain hard elements. All so that the Toddler is safe and does not hurt delicate skin.

Is the pillow safe?

The cushion is also safe for babies. The Minky pillow from the Jukki store is made of Minky fleece which is very pleasant to the touch and the anti-allergic silicone down filling ensures adequate air circulation and is safe for babies. The ease of use of the baby cushion will allow you to wash by hand. Thanks to this, the pillow will always be clean, and the high quality of the material will ensure a constant shape. It is worth giving the baby joy and giving him a star almost like from heaven.

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