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First toys for a baby?

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Store shelves are full of toys. Parents are beginning to wonder what will be suitable for their children, safe and at the same time ensure development. After all, not all toys are appropriate. Out of concern for the parents’ peace and joy of the child, Jukki shop recommends the Minky Sensory Cube Mint forest mint toy. The sensory cube measures 12 x 12 x 12 cm. It has a multi-coloured fabric that will help stimulate the eyes of every young child. It will stimulate the toddler’s head to action and encourage the first exercises.

The Jukki sensory cube safely supports the development of the youngest.

The Jukki sensory cube is very light. It was made of soft Minky plush material, which will encourage the baby to hug the ankle. It has many elements that will make even the youngest child play. As you know, our Treasure learns through play. Small bubbles protruding in the material will perfectly fulfil the sensory function and thus help in cognitive and motor development. The toddler will be able to play actively and learn how to catch objects. Thanks to this, he will make small agile fingers faster. The Jukki sensory cube is made entirely by hand from high-quality materials of European origin. The anti-allergic filling with a silicone ball makes the ankle light and safe to play at the same time.

Care for every little element will ensure fun and, above all, safety for babies. The sensory cube is used for fun and development of a baby. Thanks to the colourful strings and ribbons, the child will be eager to play and his imagination will be stimulated. In addition, a foil is sewn inside the sensory cube, which will rustle during play. The soft Minky fleece, from which the ankle is made, allows you to machine wash using a delicate program. High-quality cotton and Minky fleece ensure long and joyful use of the toy.

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