Wooden teethers for babies, helpful when teething ;)

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When do the first baby teeth appear?

By default, the first teeth appear around the age of six months, but there are cases when this happens about 2 months earlier or later. There are known situations when early teething began in the third month of life.

Teething symptoms

Loose and itchy gums, increased drooling, a light temperature up to about 38 degrees Celsius and frequent crying are the main symptoms. The toddler can be cranky and irritable. Due to the fact that the method of teething is genetically determined and can be similar in our child, it is worth analyzing how it was in other family members.

What for relief from painful teething?

Ways that can bring relief to our little one are different. For some, an analgesic gel works, for others, chilled foods or small doses of paracetamol. If parents do not want this type of interference or are looking for additional ways, a great gadget will be an ECO wooden teether from Jukki.

Wooden eco teething toys from Jukki

Made of 100% natural maple wood, teethers in various animal shapes will make your child happy to reach and grab this toy. Thanks to teethers, you will be able to, at least slightly, relieve the pain associated with the difficult time of teething. The offer includes a teddy bear, kitty, dinosaur, owl, dog, monkey, raccoon, panda and octopus. Thanks to the shapes adapted to the baby’s anatomy, ECO wooden teethers will be suitable for gripping and putting in the mouth. Properly sanded and dried wood prevents swelling and soaking of saliva, and bacteria are neutralized within a few hours.

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