Braided crib bumpers – elegant protection for babies

Fashionable, stylish and beautiful – these are the modern accessories for baby cots. Thanks to them, you can conjure up a unique space for a toddler. Most often, however, accessories can boast not only a designer look but also practicality and functionality. Such features include a braid to the crib. It is gaining more and more popularity. In a children’s room, it is used both as a decoration and a bumper. What does the braid protect against? Is it a safe gadget?

Braided crib bumper – a fashionable accessory in a child’s room

The fashion for children’s rooms varies from season to season. This dominant trend is Grey and yellow furniture and accessories. The former is to refer to nature and constancy, while the latter brings joy, spring and a will to live inside. These colours are so universal that they can be used both in a boy’s and girl’s room. Additionally, the walls can be decorated with special stickers, e.g. exotic animals. A fashionable addition to the floor will be carpets, which are a safe and warm base for the first games.

The fashion for cosy interiors also recommends that the child’s room should not run out of decorations. Fabric baskets for toys, wooden containers for treasures, macrame, dream catchers, tapestries, rainbow motifs and thick braids are on top. In the youngest rooms, they are put into a cot, and in the case of older children, they are decorated with them on beds or armchairs. No matter where there is a place for them, they blend in perfectly with the interior of the little toddler’s room.

Light Blue Braided Cot Bumper

Original price was: £33.99.Current price is: £30.59.

White Braided Cot Bumper

Original price was: £33.99.Current price is: £30.59.
Braided crib bumper – an aesthetic and practical gadget

A cot braid is not only an aesthetic gadget but also practical protection. Its purpose is to protect the baby from hitting the rungs or getting stuck in them. A braid-type bumper works best in cots of older infants (over 4 months of age). Then the little ones become more mobile, they fidget and “wander” around the crib during the night’s rest or nap. This may cause unwilling parties to hit the rung, handle or foot with their head, handle or other elements of the bed.

Many parents also choose to insert a braid into the crib to create a cosier, more secluded atmosphere that promotes sleep and regeneration. The protectors are also designed to protect against drafts, which are easier in spring and summer.

Braided crib bumper – what does a braid look like for a crib?

The crib braid is a rung protector that does not look standard. It is an interesting alternative to a regular, flat bumper. The braid can be placed in a crib, cradle. It is made of three single-colour soft rollers.

The rollers from have an outer cover made of high-quality cotton and 100% anti-allergic polyester filling. These materials ensure that the cot braid is soft, pleasant to the touch and safe for the baby’s skin. It does not cause skin irritation, allergies and allergies. The fabric breathes, thus ensuring adequate air circulation. An additional advantage is a fact that it is antiallergic, antifungal and easy to clean – it can be machine washed and spun without fear of damage.

Cot braids from are entirely sewn in Poland. Thanks to this, they are created with attention to every detail and detail. They are kept in fashionable, timeless colours. The colours of the woven bumper pads match the room of girls and boys – and if that was not enough, you can easily combine them with other Jukki baby accessories.

Light Pink Braided Cot Bumper

Original price was: £33.99.Current price is: £30.59.

Mint Braided Cot Bumper

Original price was: £33.99.Current price is: £30.59.
Braided crib bumper – multifunctional accessories for babies

A cot braid has many uses. Of course, the most popular is to arrange it along the rungs. However, this is not the only way to use a woven bumper. The braid can also be unravelled and placed between the rungs. When placed in this form, it will still fulfil its protective function. The braid can also be used to form a nest, where the little one will sit and play without fear of any dangers. The braid laid on the floor will delimit the territory of the home playground while safeguarding the child’s movements.

The braid can also be used when the baby grows out of the bed. Properly braided, it turns into a soft pillow on which you can take afternoon naps. The braid can also be used as an original headrest in the bed of a young child.

Braided crib bumper – is it safe?

Many parents wonder if cot bumpers are a safe gadget. This is due to the fact that in recent years they have had poor opinions. Nevertheless, they are still considered practical and functional accessories. However, in order to be safe, you need to remember to choose those made of materials selected for the youngest and to properly install the bumper. The crib braid from is equipped with solid strings. They allow you to attach the bumper to the rungs of the crib tightly enough so that the braid is stable and the toddler cannot untie it and cover it with it. In addition, the braids from are so low that they do not restrict the access of air to the crib. Their small height also means that the parent can easily control what is happening with the child in the playpen or cot.

Navy Blue Braided Cot Bumper

Original price was: £33.99.Current price is: £30.59.

Old Rose Braided Cot Bumper

Original price was: £33.99.Current price is: £30.59.
What to look for when buying a cot bumper?

A cot braid is a fashionable accessory. It comes in many colours and patterns. This means that parents can easily choose the colours and patterns that suit them. However, when buying a cot bumper, it is worth focusing on more than design. Also, pay attention to the size as it should protect the baby along its entire length and width.

The material is as important as the size. Natural, ecological fabrics marked with the OEKO-TEX mark are safe for the youngest. It proves the natural composition of the products and the absence of harmful substances, such as dyes or pesticides. The best fabric for children is cotton – warm, nice, solid, durable and easy to wash. Cotton braids for a crib will be used for many years and will look beautiful.

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