How to sleep comfortably and ergonomically during pregnancy?

Pregnancy sleep comfortably, pregnant sleeping

There is a lot of information on the web about how to properly sleep during pregnancy. What is the right position for a pregnant woman? Is it worth using a special sleeping pillow? Or maybe give it up?

Sleep discomfort during pregnancy

As the fetus develops, the volume of the abdomen increases. In a way, this forces you to change your body position to sleep. The feeling of discomfort is influenced by the increasing size of the abdomen and possibly back pain, heartburn or insomnia. Among popular opinions, there is a recommendation that a pregnant woman sleep on her left side. This is not just a circulating opinion, because we can look for the basics in human anatomical structure.

Pregnancy pillow – how to use

Various sources say that the position of a pregnant woman on the left side increases the amount of blood and nutrients supplied to the baby’s placenta. What’s more, to ensure maximum comfort and proper bodywork, the future mother’s legs should be bent at the knees, and a pregnancy pillow should be placed between the legs.

V-type pillows are mainly recommended for women during the third trimester of pregnancy. There are no contraindications to their use at an earlier stage. They will also be useful after the birth of a baby.

The right position during sleep,

during pregnancy, is a very important topic. You should take into account not only the comfort of mom’s sleep but also, above all, the safety of the awaited Baby. How to sleep well during pregnancy and at the same time ensure the safety of the unborn child? The initial stage of pregnancy does not bring major sleep problems. Then the tummy does not bother you yet and we can sleep in any, and in principle, any favourite position. Problems begin to appear later. The growing tummy makes it impossible to adopt the current position, which could also be dangerous for the toddler.

When the tummy grows,

it means that the uterus also increases, which in turn causes pressure on the spine to increase. Following this, the inferior vein may also be pinched. And this means that the blood flow from the lower parts of the body to the heart does not run properly. That is why around the third trimester it is best to avoid sleeping on your back. From this period on, the position on the left side is recommended.

The position on the left side allows optimal oxygenation of the fetus. It also affects normal blood circulation for both mother and child. Supports kidney function and supports the transport of the right amount of nutrients for the child. Additional support with a pregnancy pillow brings only benefits. Such a product adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, relieves the spine and joints. Properly arranged, it prevents involuntary turning over on the back during sleep.

Jukki type V pregnancy pillow – the benefits

What’s more, a pregnancy pillow placed between the knees prevents swelling of the feet, varicose veins and the formation of blood clots. Positively affects the future mother in many respects. Its advantage is also the fact that they reduce the tension of the skin tissue on the abdomen, in other words, it prevents stretch marks. The Jukki store offer includes a V-type pregnancy pillow, which not only helps the future mother get a good night’s sleep but also helps in feeding the baby in the future. This gadget will keep the future mom healthy and well-being.

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