Facts & Myths about Baby Cot Bumpers / Protectors

Cot Bumpers Protectors Safe?

There are many positive opinions on the network about the use of baby bed protectors. To counterbalance, there are also a number of unflattering opinions. Where lies the truth? What are the most frequently cited facts and myths associated with this gadget?

Cot bumper – when is it useful?

The cot protector is mainly used to protect the sleeping surface. It is designed to provide a soft barrier between the toddler and the crib rungs. A slightly older child moving in the crib while sleeping can painfully collide with hard rungs with a head, foot or handle. In older models of children’s beds, the protector also worked great as a blockage from wedging the head between the rungs. These facts strongly suggest using a cot protector. In addition, the sheltered cot does not distract the toddler so much by various stimuli from the outside. It allows it to remain calm. It ensures a night of peaceful sleep and a soft “collision” when changing position.

Protector – what about security?

However, many sceptics argue that protectors are a very bad choice, why? The first argument cited by some people is isolating the child from life outside the crib. The braver ones even call it a prison. However, the key argument is the reference to American research that does not positively affect the reception of this gadget.

Let’s go back to the beginning for a moment. Cot protectors are not an innovative product, no new invention or ultra-amazing hyper fantastic product with superpowers. However, they can be very useful. Many, many years ago, the first type of protectors were already used in cradles. When static cots with a wide rung spacing appeared, it can be safely said that they saved not only health, but sometimes even life of the toddler. The spacing was so large that it could easily get stuck between the rungs, and the struggling baby could even suffocate!

Today, the rungs in the beds are very densely scattered and there is no way for the head to get stuck in them. However, there is still a good chance of breaking your toddler’s arm or leg. At best, it can end with fear, stress and pain in a bruised limb that has become stuck in the rungs. Sceptics say that the protector will not save the toddler from a headache when he hits the rungs. However, we can definitely refute this myth thanks to the Jukki protector.

Jukki Cot Bumper / Protector – more information

The bumper available in the Jukki store is made of 100% high quality, soft cotton. The quality of our workmanship also meets the highest requirements. This is not factory production or mass production. This ensures care for every, even the smallest detail and guarantees safety of use. From the outside, the protector is a soft and delicate, inside it hides a flexible polyester non-woven fabric that is an ecological filling. The materials used to ensure an adequate level of air circulation. Thanks to this, the baby breathes and feels comfortably surrounded by a soft protector. Importantly, the straps used to secure the protector to the cot provide a stable and secure attachment. The Jukki cot protector uses 8 pieces of straps, 25 cm each. 

For safety – once again about safety

Protectors perform an essential function – they protect the Toddler from injuries that he can get in a cot. This guarantees the safety of the baby and the parents’ peace. You can leave your child in the room without fear, because lying in the cot will not hurt yourself. But are you sure? Here again, enters the arguments of the opponents of the product. Malcontents refer to statistics from the United States about death in a cot by protectors. There are opinions in the forums that in Chicago the use of bed covers was banned; that the protector can cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

It’s hard to pass by such accusations indifferently, but you can’t go from extreme to extreme. There are many factors to consider that can contribute equally to, for example, SIDS… Actually all unnecessary things that are part of the equipment of the cot can contribute. It can be a toy, blanket, pillow, diaper or pad. This does not mean that the toddler is to lie in an empty cot on a raw mattress…. Right? Moderation and common sense are the key.

According to the report of the American Centers for Prevention and Prevention of Diseases, it is absolutely necessary to remove from the cot all the pillows, blankets, quilts, stuffed animals, other toys, nappies and protectors… Would you do that?

If you still have concerns about using the protector, you can put the baby in a cot in the Jukki cocoon. Thick sides of the cover will not allow the child to change the position too broadly ❤


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